Prefabricated timber walls

Timber pre-fab walls are manufactured off-site, allowing for faster construction timelines. This is particularly beneficial in addressing housing shortages and meeting tight project deadlines.

Prefabricated trusses and frames

We use treated timber that is resistant to termites and European house borers in Australia, all the structural timber components of their homes are well protected.

Traditional construction methods can be expensive due to labor and material costs. Timber pre-fab houses offer a more cost-effective solution as they are often produced in a controlled factory environment, reducing labor time and waste.

The construction industry in Australia has faced labor shortages in recent years. Prefabricated construction methods, including timber pre-fab, can mitigate this issue by reducing the need for on-site labor and skilled workers.

Timber is considered a renewable and environmentally friendly building material. Using timber in construction reduces the carbon footprint and promotes sustainable practices, which align with Australia’s focus on reducing its impact on the environment.

How we do it?

We specialize in the production and installation of high-quality, precision-engineered timber exterior and interior walls, floor cassettes, and roof panels. Unlike traditional construction, our primary goal is to revolutionize the building process by tackling the most time-consuming phase of constructing a house.